What’s Really Real? (You want The Truth!)

On the topic of keeping it real: How many women out there who claim they want a “Real Man” are lying to themselves? Ladies – isn’t it true that when asked what a real man is to you it includes one who is not a “dog”, is truthful, takes care of his responsibilities etc. etc? So then “Good Guys”- Why does it seem like the saying “good guys finish last” is being proven over and over again in the dating scene? In ” The Truth” I explore this topic. Here is a guy who has his proverbial shit together. He has a successful career, but is not defined by material items. He knows what he wants and has in life and is not afraid to share it with the right deserving women. It seems men in this position often find that women take them for granted and are more attracted to men who over promise with fairy tales and rarely if ever deliver. Why is this the case? Is it because we have been socialized to believe that “Bad Boys” or “Tough Guys” are more desirable because they are harder to obtain? And once you win the heart of one you find yourself trying to change him to a nice guy…so is it just about the challenge? Is it because nice honest guys are seen a push over’s and not protectors/providers and equated with feminine traits? Or is it that women have been socialized to believe they should want what they have been told is a “good guy” to marry without taking the time to really analyze and realize what this term means to them? What do you think?

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