We’re not in love (but we pretend)

The song “ Just F*ckin” is usually misinterpreted to be about a man wanting to use women for sex. The song is really about being honest about what you want. The man is clearly stating that he doesn’t want an exclusive or “serious” relationship with this woman. Whereas the woman is not being honest by agreeing to this relationship in the hopes of changing his mind (perhaps with some of that good good ( ; ).

When a man tells a women upfront that he is only interested in a sexually relationship with her, and she agrees to partake in the relationship on that level, why is it usually seen as the mans fault if things turn sour? Is there something so wrong with admitting you enjoy screwin the dog sh*t out of someone without wanting to put a ring on his or her finger? Do most women have a tendency to be unrealistic about their inability to maintain a low level of emotional attachment after sex or are they just lyin to kick it?

2 thoughts on “We’re not in love (but we pretend)

  • dude…i talk about this issue pretty often me and my sister and it is true people have misintention when it comes to “just fuckin” i was hella juiced when i heard this song on 40’s album. That shit caught my attention instantly and was on repeat for HELLA days…i didnt even know that you had anything to do with that song…lol i remember hearin E40 songs where he was shoutin you out…i figured you were some OG soul brotha on some Roger Troutman hype. I JUST found out on Wikipedia that you my age and shit…BIGGUP breh’dren

    you be workin…thats dope

    hope i can get the pleasure of workn with you someday soon…id be pretty honored

  • Thanks fam! Just sharin’ some of the experiences I went through and what I learned…. I appreciate you really listening and commenting. It’s cool to hear your thoughts. When you are by yourself writing a song you never know what people will think….until they tell you (like you just did!). Shoot me some music…love to hear it (I’ll send you my email)

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