Drake feat. Bosko “Slow It Down” (orig unreleased edit!!!!)

Naturally when the red hot Production team Tha Bizness needed talkbox for a new Drake record at Hot Beats Studio Atlanta, GA they contacted the “Talkbox King.” In the lab Drake bobbed his head to my single “Just Do You.” Then, he played me a bunch of bangin’ unreleased cuts and I played him some Read more about Drake feat. Bosko “Slow It Down” (orig unreleased edit!!!!)[…]

My First Father’s Day

I just celebrated my first Father’s Day by performing at the S.F. Juneteenth Festival complete with a Father/ Son duet!! Check it out. My son’s vocal rage is off the charts and family members said his solo was hot! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLY2YSoWEWI I was able to spend the weekend doing the two things I am most passionate Read more about My First Father’s Day[…]

Big Boi feat. Bosko “Ringtone”!

Big Boi is back with his new single “Ringtone” featuring yours truly on ElectroSpit (aka “talkbox”) and back ground vocals! I got the call at about 1AM one night from my friend Chris Carmouche, Big Boi’s main engineer at Stankonia in Atlanta. He said “Big wants you to do your magic on this new cut… Read more about Big Boi feat. Bosko “Ringtone”![…]

Bosko Album Listening Party! (Portland)

Party People of Portland! Please join us for a special preview of Bosko’s highly anticipated first solo CD “The Good Life Movement”!!! As a Portland native Bosko wanted to have his first exclusive listening party in Portland where his career started. Since his humble beginnings he has gone on to work with Inudstry greats such Read more about Bosko Album Listening Party! (Portland)[…]

We’re not in love (but we pretend)

The song “ Just F*ckin” is usually misinterpreted to be about a man wanting to use women for sex. The song is really about being honest about what you want. The man is clearly stating that he doesn’t want an exclusive or “serious” relationship with this woman. Whereas the woman is not being honest by Read more about We’re not in love (but we pretend)[…]

What’s Really Real? (You want The Truth!)

On the topic of keeping it real: How many women out there who claim they want a “Real Man” are lying to themselves? Ladies – isn’t it true that when asked what a real man is to you it includes one who is not a “dog”, is truthful, takes care of his responsibilities etc. etc? Read more about What’s Really Real? (You want The Truth!)[…]