My First Father’s Day

Bosko show at Juneteenth Festival San Francisco

I just celebrated my first Father’s Day by performing at the S.F. Juneteenth Festival complete with a Father/ Son duet!! Check it out. My son’s vocal rage is off the charts and family members said his solo was hot!

I was able to spend the weekend doing the two things I am most passionate about: Spreading my message through music and bonding with family! The performance took place at the Civic Center Plaza in S.F.. There were people of every age group, which is important to me because the message of The Good Life Movement is one that all age groups can benefit from. After all, who couldn’t benefit from a little more self-confidence or learning to make better choices on their relationship paths? Anywayz… I rocked the house…. as usual!  One person even thought I was pullin’ a millivanilli and lip syncin’ but you know I keep it 100! It turned out that this same person was so impressed that he filmed the show and conducted an interview for his web channel called “Real Talk.” Me in HD. Take a look.

The weekend only got better from there. Our son got to meet a good portion of his family for the first time, his maternal grandfather, great aunts & uncles, cousins and most special for me was my mother (Grandma)!

Grandma, Che', and Bosko

We spent the rest of Father’s Day exploring S.F. in the beach area. First stop was the Haight Ashbury district. If your tennis shoe game is tight, you need to be up on this street!! They have some of the sickest limited edition, exclusive, one-of-a-kind kicks ever!

Sick Kicks on Haight Street

Bosko and Che's year book photo on Haight

Sicker Kicks on Haight Street

Next stop was the beach!!! It was a stunning scene as you can see. Walking on the beach we ran into a seal who wasn’t doing too well so we called the Marine Mammal Center to give him a helping hand.

1st Father's Dat at the Beach

Seal in need

Recap: My son made his debut, I enlightened a few people, saved a seals life, and introduced my mom to the grandchild she’s wanted for years……Just another day in The Good Life!

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