Bosko Talkbox Freestyle in Ghana, Africa on “The One Show!”

Hey Good Life Movement! Here is an interview I did on one of the largest network TV stations in Ghana on a recent trip. Check out my baby son Che’ on the talkbox at 7:55…he’s a natural.

4 thoughts on “Bosko Talkbox Freestyle in Ghana, Africa on “The One Show!”

  • Sup bosko… U grea8…! i hpe to learn hw to use ur talk box b4 u leave 4 de states..! Am mac hamlet 0245414792 hpe to hear 4rm u…

  • I was listening to the track you did with Big Boi on his last album and decided to look you up. Turns out I’ve listened to a TON of your stuff over the years. The way you balance family and creativity is impressive, and hope to see other aspiring artists with the same core values. I’m actually listening to your album on Rhapsody now. You’ve gained a fan today, and look forward to watching your career. Thank you for sharing your talents

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