New Bosko Song! “Occupy Until Wall Street Crumbles”

Download Song Here: Occupy Until Walls Street Crumbles

When I used my lifesavings and a bank loan to start building my family dream home, I never dreamed the bank would go out of business… Nonetheless, in the middle of construction, the government seized IndyMac Bank for illegal business practices, stopping my loan and preventing me from building my family home. To make matters worse, another bank acquired Bosko’s loan from IndyMac and illegally threatened to foreclose. Pushed up against the wall, I decided to fight back. Representing myself with no law degree, (though thankfully a college education) I was able to sue the Banks, and through a grueling two-year federal court battle, stop the foreclosure, and force a favorable settlement.

My career has been gaining momentum, on the heels of my recent success as a writer and performer on J. Cole’s #1 Album and worldwide hit “Workout”, and I felt now was the time to add my voice to the Occupy Wall Street Movement with this new song “Occupy Until…”

There is a common misconception that #ows is about taking money from the rich, but it’s not. #Ows is about stopping the theft of our money and property by Wall Street Banks. The 99% includes everyone from those in poverty to those making less than $340k/yr. Walls Street uses its money to control both political parties, helping it funnel trillions of dollars of our money into its hands. Government bailouts went straight to greedy banker’s pockets while they kicked our families out of their homes.

Please support Occupy Wall Street!

Bosko+J.Cole = #1 Album! But it almost didn’t workout….

It feels good…but it almost didn’t workout…

J. Cole’s highly anticipated debut album just hit #1 on Billboard and the first single “Workout” features a very heavy dose of Bosko on the talkbox!

Rewind four months ago: In the middle of a particularly challenging day, I got an email requesting permission to use a song I co-wrote with Kanye West called “New Workout Plan”.

Of course I wanted to hear the song before I said yes, so a few minutes later I’m on my iPhone listening to my talkbox solo looped over and over behind a rapper I recognize as J. Cole spittin’ a hot verse. I’m thinkin’…hell yeah. Great song. I like J.cole. Let’s do it!

I’m all over the song, in fact the beat is me, so it should be good look right? Not so much… I call to get the details, only to find out that the record company is only offering me $250 dollars and NO CREDIT. Wow….is this Big Red Records?

I guess they had me mixed up with Lil Richard or something. No disrespect, but I cut my hair and this ain’t the 1950’s.

Lil Richard Bosko

See…no resemblance.

An hour long phone call with the attorneys only ended in name calling and insults.

My first music attorney and mentor Virgil Roberts told me years ago, negotiation can be like a game of chicken. Two cars speed toward eachother head on. Whoever swerves loses the game and is forever labeled as the “chicken”. Virgil’s advice: The driver that throws his steering wheel out of the window is not gonna lose. So, I threw mine out. No credit, no song.

Of course this story has a happy ending as you now know. No car crash, just a call from J.Cole’s manager agreeing to fair terms. The rest as they say is history: #1 Album, hit single with J. Cole, plaque on the way!

Here is the remix featuring an additional exclusive Bosko Talkbox verse! [warning: explicit]

[videoplayer file=”″ /]
Stay tuned for more Bosko + J. Cole Collaborations coming soon. Cole Word!

New Music: Mikey Vegaz ft. E-40, Bosko, & Mr. Fab “One Hit Wonder”

I just finished the official first single for Mikey Vegaz’s new release! I mixed in some classic hip-hop with the 3000 swag for this new record featuring Bay Area legend E-40, Mr. Fab and yours truly on the beat, the melodic vocals, and the talkbox!

Listen here!

Mikey Vegaz new mixtape comes out 10/11/11. Please support my guy. He’s one of the best from my hometown in a long time and he’s about to go worldwide!

Download his new mixtape free here 10/11/11!
Mikey Vegaz Mixtape

J. Cole ft. Bosko “Workout”

J. Cole’s is Jay-Z’s first new artist on his new Roc Nation record label. His first single from his highly anticipated debut album features a large helping of Bosko on the Talkbox!

Here is the original version with an additional Bosko Talkbox verse for your listening pleasure….

[videoplayer file=”″ /]
Stay tuned for more J. Cole + Bosko collaborations coming soon!

Bosko – Talkbox King ElectroSpit vol.1

My neighbor used to blast ZAPP “More Bounce” as he took us to school in his primer’d up Impala…

We used to pop lock and break dance to “Do Wah Ditty” at the skatin’ rink…
Always wondered what the hell that tube in Roger’s mouth was on BET….

Fast forward in time…

I got that same tube in my mouth

Live on MTV with Limp Bizkit…
Live on the American Music Awards w/Kanye West…
Winning a Grammy w/Kanye West
Live on Jay Leno w/Big Boi…
Grammy Nominated for Talkbox 2011…

I never imagined all that growin’ up in Portland, Oregon…
But here I am…
Can’t Stop Now!

So without further ado… here’s an example of what a talkbox can do!

May I present to you:

Bosko – Talkbox King
ElectroSpit vol.1

Bosko – Talkbox King

ElectroSpit vol.1
01-What A Talkbox Can Do (Intro).mp3
02-Let Me Tell You Somethin-T.I. feat. Bosko.mp3
03-Machine Gun Funk-Notorious BIG feat. Bosko.mp3
04-Shutterbugg-Big Boi feat. Bosko.mp3
05-Sunshine-Lil Flip feat. Bosko.mp3
06-Workout Plan-Kanye West feat. Bosko.mp3
07-World Wide-Tupac feat. Bosko.mp3
08-Walktadis-D.B.A. feat. Bosko.mp3
09-Crushed-Limp Bizkit feat. Bosko.mp3
10-Enjoy-Tech N9ne feat. Bosko.mp3
11-Slow It Down-Drake feat. Bosko.mp3
12-In Love Again-Young Dro feat. Bosko.mp3
13-May be the One-Al-One feat.Bosko.mp3
14-She’s Mine-Bosko feat. E40 & Cool Nutz.mp3
15-Love In This Club (Usher)-Bosko.mp3
16-Always On My Mind (Acapella)-Bosko.mp3

Click Here to Download!